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The Simulation Hockey League's 40th Season is currently underway!

Congratulations to the Minnesota Chiefs for winning the Season 39 Challenge Cup, and the St. Louis Scarecrows for winning the Season 39 Four Star Cup!

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» stl preseason tourney i forgot to post, lol rly old but i need money
 Posted: Nov 17 2017, 11:30 PM


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After a disappointing loss to the Detroit Falcons in the Season 36 playoffs, the St. Louis Scarecrows wanted to start their preseason with a little fun to get the new draftees meshed onto the team better, and just to get the wheels turning. To accomplish this, GM Joe Kurczewski organized a preseason 3 on 3 tournament for the team. The roster was split into 4 teams of 4, each captained by one of the veterans on the team, Tigole Bitties, Roman Augustus, Joseph Lombardi, and Teddy Cuddles. Goalies Johnny Yuma and Dominik Tretiak will rotate through each team.
The rosters for the preseason tournament were:

Team Bitties:
Tigole Bitties
Bobby Watson
Anuj Radia
Seth Paige

Team Augustus:
Roman Augustus
Logan Jensen
Dermot Lavalle
Giuseppe Risolo

Team Lombardi
Joseph Lombardi
Tor Tuck
Martin Spengler
Wayne Hetzky

Team Cuddles
Teddy Cuddles
Elias Petersson
Finn Jacobsen
Thé Dude

For the first round, Team Bitties faced off against Team Lombardi, and Team Augustus faced off against Team Cuddles. The winner of each of these games would move on to the finals, and then the losers would play for third place. Each game will consist of 3 2 minute periods, and whoever has the most goals at the end of the third period wins. If the teams are tied, they will play sudden death until one team scores. All penalties will result in a penalty shot.

Game 1: Team Bitties vs Team Lombardi

Bitties wins the opening faceoff vs Lombardi, and the game begins! The puck goes back to Seth Paige, who passes up to Anuj Radia, but Radia is leveled by Tor Tuck! Tuck picks up the puck and sends Lombardi though on a breakaway. Lombardi is in! He skates in, moves to the backhand aaannnnndddddddd SCORES! Goal by Joseph Lombardi, 1-0 Team Lombardi. The two teams go back and forth for awhile, trading chances. Bobby Watson steps onto the ice for Anuj Radia. Watson touches the puck for the first time, after receiving the puck from Bitties, and he is SLASHED by Martin Spengler! The ref blows the whistle, and we have a penalty shot! Watson lines up at the center circle, the ice is cleared and Watson begins his approach. Watson takes the serpentine route, swooping left and right. He goes towards the net from the left side - oh my god! What a move by Bobby Watson! He pulls off the Forsberg and scores a beautiful goal, what a move by the rookie Watson. The game is TIED 1-1! The first period ends.
The puck drops for the second period, and Wayne Hetzky steps onto the ice for Martin Spengler. The two teams skate back and forth, up and down the ice, each getting great chances, but are stopped by even better goaltending from Yuma and Tretiak. Hetzky skates into the offensive zone, dekes around Paige and shoots! What a save by Tretiak! He covers it for a faceoff. Bitties wins the draw, back to Paige and - what is this? It's a set play! Watson is up ice and Paige plays him off the boards for a breakaway! Watson is all alone, he skates in… and SNAPS A WRISTER HOME FOR HIS SECOND OF THE GAME, great shot by Watson! 2-1 Team Bitties. Despite Team Lombardi’s best efforts to come back, Team Bitties shuts the door and wins the game! Team Bitties will face the winner of Cuddles vs Augustus in the finals.

Game 2: Team Cuddles vs Team Augustus

The puck is dropped for the opening face off, and Lavelle wins it against Petersson. The puck is corralled back to Augustus, and he skates into the offensive zone and takes a shot! Yuma saves it and controls the rebound, deflecting it into the corner. Dude recovers the puck, and makes a nice breakout pass to Cuddles, who dumps the puck in. Petersson picks it up in the corner and passes it to Dude on the point. He takes a slapshot and it’s beaten Tretiak! NO THE PUCK HITS THE CROSSBAR AND GOES OUT! Team Augustus catches a break, and now Augustus completes a nice stretch pass to Jensen and who is in on a breakaway! He gets Yuma moving with a slight hesitation and snipes! Jensen scores to give Team Augustus the lead! Jacobsen comes on for Petersson, and wins the faceoff vs Lavelle. Dude passes it back to Jacobsen who gets it in deep behind the net. Augustus is there to pick up the puck, but Cuddles steamrolls him and picks up the puck! He makes a quick pass up to Jacobsen in front of the net, who stuffs it home to tie the game! The first period ends and the second period is fairly uneventful, as it was very back and forth. Nobody tallied one in the second period. A minute in the third period passes by, and Risolo is on the ice now for Lavelle. Risolo picks up the puck in the neutral zone, and with a fake to the outside, gets around Jacobsen, and is now 1 on 1 with Dude! He skates to the net and lays a sweet drop pass to Jensen… and he scores! What a play by Logan Jensen to take the lead 2-1! Time is dwindling down in the period, and Team Cuddles is struggling to get anything going. The clock ticks down 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… and the game is over! Team Augustus wins 2-1 to move onto the finals to face Team Bitties!

Finals: Team Bitties vs Team Augustus
Welcome everyone to the finals of the St. Louis Scarecrows preseason tournament! Today the two co-captains’ teams will match up against each other in the quest for bragging rights! The anthem is sung, and Bitties and Lavelle line up to take the opening faceoff. Bitties wins it back to Paige, and we are under way! The two teams are very evenly matched, and are going back and forth, up and down the ice. Neither teams are showing to be capable of getting offense going and the play is rather sloppy. Finally Team Augustus gets something going! Jensen picks up the puck and drops it back to Augustus, who taps it over to Lavelle, one timer! And what a save! Team Augustus is kept off the scoresheet! Now Team Bitties is cycling well. Pass to Bitties, to Paige, to Watson, to Paige, to Watson, to Bitties! What great puck movement! Quick pass to Watson backdoor! And he is stoned by the netminder! What a beautiful save! This game stays even and deadlocked. Lavelle picks up the puck in the neutral zone, and takes a slapshot from center ice as the first period ends. The first frame is over, and we are still tied at 0 in this very defensive game. Let’s hope one of themes can start putting together some high quality scoring chances! Bitties and Lavelle line up for the opening faceoff for the second period, and Lavelle wins it back to Augustus this time. He skates it to the red line, and dumps it around the boards and Jensen picks it up. He sends it in front of the net to Lavelle, but he is checked off the puck by Paige, who sends Bitties up the ice! He’s got some space, but Augustus is closing fast! Bitties fires a back foot snapshot! It goes five hole and SCORES! Bitties scores the game’s first tally to get his team up 1-0! The teams go back and forth now as Team Augustus settles down defensively and are more defensively sound. Augustus picks up the puck behind the net, and hits Jensen with a nice stretch pass! Jensen skates into the zone, then stops up, playing the puck to the middle to Lavelle. Lavelle then drops the puck back to Augustus, it’s right in his wheelhouse! Augustus loads a huge one up and claps it! There’s no stopping that! Goal by Augustus, and the score is now 1-1! The team goes back and forth once again and the second period trickles down to zero, and the two teams head to the dressing rooms with the game tied up. This has been an extremely close game, and I can almost say for sure that the next goal will win this game! The teams step onto the ice for the closing frame, and the stakes are high! The puck drops and we are under way! Although this is just a friendly, both teams want the win and are playing to win. The game continues to be dead even, back and forth with great defensive plays and lots of hits. Half of the period has already wasted away and we are running out of time. The next goal will surely win! Augustus picks up the puck and skates around Bitties and enters the neutral zone! He rips a shot! Its beaten the netminder, but it’s off the post and out! Augustus was inches away from putting his team in the lead with 3 and a half minutes to go! The clock ticks down to 1 minute left. Jensen picks up the puck, dekes around Watson and shoots! The rebound is controlled by the netminder to the corner, and the puck is picked up by Paige. Team Bitties reorganized for one last rush. 40 seconds left. Paige passes it up to Bitties, who gets hit off the puck by Lavelle, but Watson picks up the puck and skates around Jensen. Bobby drops it back to Paige, who skates into the offensive zone with 22 seconds left. He takes a shot on goal, but it is saved with a rebound, but Watson hustles and gets the rebound. 14 seconds. He passes it to Bitties who skates around up to the point. The clock is ticking as he surveys his options. 7...6...5… He fakes a pass to Paige and rips a shot! HE SCORES! Bitties puts it away with 2 seconds left to take the lead 2-1! It’s game over! The puck drops again and the final 2 seconds are drained, and the game is over! Team Bitties wins the STL Preseason Tourney!

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