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The Simulation Hockey League's 41st Season is currently underway!

Congratulations to the Calgary Dragons for winning the Season 40 Challenge Cup, and the Kelowna Knights for winning the Season 40 Four Star Cup!

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» COMPREHENSIVE ROOKIE GUIDE, New to the site? Check here!
 Posted: Jul 14 2016, 12:21 PM

S15, S16, S24, S34, S38 Challenge Cup Champion

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Step 1: Create an account and get it verified.

Verification emails generally don’t take long. It’s best to wait to create any new threads until you have been verified, then do them when you log in--it’s easier to find your posts later if you wait until you’ve created a verified account.

Remember that you are only allowed one account per person. If you share an IP address, you will need to post in the ‘Same IP Address’ thread so our mods know your situation.

Step 2: Create your player and your Player Page.

Making your player can be complicated if you’re brand-new, but the Rookie Mentors are available at any time to help you. Don’t worry too much about making a mistake--you can earn more update points, also known as TPE, in fairly short order, and you can pay your earnings from participating in media, graphics, or podcasts on a per-point scale to have them redistributed (once per season limit).

-Written and video guides
-Rookie Locker Room
Additional resources:

-build templates (forward | defenseman | goalie)
-build calculator
-what the attributes do within the sim (goalies will need to scroll down)
-international recruiting (decide where you want to set your birthplace for international play)

Note: for all forward/d-man builds, we recommend not spending any points into Discipline or Penalty Shot. Unless your player is a center (or a winger spending significant playing time as a center, once you are drafted or signed to a team) I would also avoid putting points into face-offs.

Discipline: doesn’t have a huge impact on reduction of penalties early
Penalty Shot: isn’t particularly impactful early due to the way goalie builds work
Face-offs: Unless you’re a center or a winger playing as a center you just won’t take them often enough to justify spending anything there.

Once you have created your player, you will need to wait until the league commissioner approves your point spread. They will notify you if you need to make changes. Once you are approved, move to the next step.

One final tip: the season number on the top of your player page reflects your seniors draft season, NOT the season that you enter the league.

Step 3: Do your first Point Task to completion.

Here is the PT, which includes a step-by-step guide on how to complete it. Full completion will reward you with your Player Updates page and 1 capped TPE.

Here is the guide to effectively using your Updates page. Please look at it and ask your Rookie Mentors if you have any questions--your updaters can reject your updates if it isn’t done correctly. You will be assigned an updater after you are drafted to or sign with a team, so once you’re no longer a rookie, they’re the person to PM if you get stuck.

It's pretty comprehensive so I would cross-reference that as you build your page and do your first couple of updates until you get the hang of things. The one thing it doesn't go into depth on is how to link directly to a post--these instructions are quoted directly from one of my former GMs (http://us22.chatzy.com/elements/smileys/default/lovestruck.gif) on how to link directly to a post, as it wasn’t immediately obvious to me when I first started.

QUOTE (Rich @ May 2 2016, 03:31 PM)
Linking directly to a post.

Find the post you want to link, and look at the top of it, where it will say: "Posted: May 1 2016, 02:55 PM", or something like that. Click on the word "Posted".

user posted image

That will bring up a window that will have the URL that links directly to the post you just clicked on.

user posted image

Copy the URL, and you have a link that should lead whoever clicks on it directly to that post.


Step 4: Do your first weekly Activity Check and claim it on your Player Updates page.

Activity checks are offered once weekly (new weeks start on Monday) under the “Player Development” group. All you have to do is post, and then link your post in the Activity Check thread of the week to your updates page.

Step 5: Use Twitter to earn some money for updates.

You can create a shell twitter account for your player. Posting at least 3 tweets per week will earn you up to $200K of update money that you can claim once weekly. Anything you post with the hashtag #shlhockey will show up in the on-site sidebar, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Some good people to follow: League’s twitter | Kez’s twitter

Claim your Twitter money in this thread.

Step 6: Upload an avatar.

SHL avatars resize to 150x150 square. Please refrain from posting images with pornographic content or nudity; it is against the terms of our site host.

You can upload your avatar under ‘My Controls’ on the top navbar:

user posted image

If you want to have a rotating avatar or signature (see next), you can! Here are some sites we recommend that will randomly change your avatar or sig upon refresh. Some may require a sign-up but all are free to use:


Did you upload yours successfully but are having trouble seeing it, and other people’s? Don’t panic--we have two site addresses, http://theshl.b1.jcink.com/ and http://originalshl.com. Originalshl is notoriously terrible at images, so we recommend bookmarking the first link and mostly using that one.

Step 7: Create a signature.

A good signature includes:

-Links to your Player Page and Updates Page. This is important so that your potential GMs can immediately see what you’re doing to improve your player’s draft stock. You can use my button set if you want to!

-A drop-down bar detailing your player and their career (Guide | BBcode's team colors).

-A player graphic. If you are a graphically-inclined person, you can make your own! Otherwise, you can post in the Graphic Request thread and a league signature maker may offer to make you one.
**If you want to, you can include some helpful information like your player render (which pro player you’d like to use to represent your athlete) and maybe some guidance on what colors you’d like to see in your sig. You can also leave it partially or totally up to your sig-maker--we have some very talented people on-site!

Here is sample code from my own signature if you’d like something to use as a template.

by copenhagen, lizzywho, rrireal, and dankoa
[URL=http://theshl.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=65180][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/QhAQn2i.png[/IMG][/URL]  |  [URL=http://theshl.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=ST&f=647&t=65226][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/B4x6AQm.png[/IMG][/URL]  |  [URL=https://twitter.com/mikaeltalo][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/gs89eGV.png[/IMG][/URL]
<div align=center><SELECT style="background-color:darkgreen; color:lightgoldenrodyellow; font-family:Arial; font-size: 12px; width: 400px; "><br> <OPTION>Mikael Talo || C || Kelowna Knights
<OPTION>Age: 19
<OPTION>Height: 6'1"
<OPTION>Weight: 182 lbs
<OPTION>Number: 3
<OPTION>Drafted 7th overall in S28 NWJHL Entry Draft
<OPTION>Became Knights 2nd Assistant Captain in S28
<OPTION>Won S28 SMJHL Ron Bolt (Sportsmanship)
<OPTION>Won S28 SMJHL Onoprienko (Underrated)
<OPTION>Drafted 7th overall to New England Wolfpack</select></div>

Step 8: Complete your ‘Welcome to the League’ survey.

Let us know how we’re doing at providing guidance for you! We know the site can be tricky to navigate and we are working to improve, particularly at how we introduce new people to the site. Please complete it here--it won’t take much time and you can earn some cheap and easy TPE!

Have a suggestion for us? Drop it in the Suggestion Box, found here.

Step 9: Visit SMJHL Player Progression and complete any available tasks.

Point Tasks, or PTs, are a significant part of earning TPE to improve your player’s stats. They are generally posted once a week. After a few days they will be closed for grading so be sure to pay attention to the deadline!

You can find them in the juniors (SMJHL) Player Progression thread.

These are the ones you’ll be eligible to complete as a rookie. After your second season in the league, you will be drafted to a seniors team and begin to complete the seniors PTs (even though you will most likely remain playing in juniors for one or more seasons).

Please note that you won’t be able to claim the TPE for most of these tasks on your updates page immediately--you will need to wait until they are graded. (This usually happens within 2-4 days, though sometimes it can take a bit longer--check back on this season’s Global Claim thread to see if you are able to claim them yet.)

In general the TPE you earn from completion of PTs will be capped. (All on-site activities are either capped or uncapped--the capped ones will be noted and all others can be assumed uncapped.) This is important to pay attention to for your updates thread--players are required to keep track of their capped TPE earned to ensure they remain under the seasonal point cap (which for juniors is 30).

Have you come in on the later side and some tasks are already closed? Don’t worry. The cap is in place for juniors partially to make sure free agents get a chance to catch up to draftees by the end of the season. As playoffs approach, there be more opportunities to earn TPE so you don’t need to worry about missing one or two tasks--if you keep up with your weekly activities and updates you will be able to stay competitive.

Step 10: Earn some money for weekly updates by doing articles/graphics/podcasts.

Every player has their own personal bank account so that they can pay for their weekly training sessions. You can find yours in the Global Bank Spreadsheet (you may have to switch sheets and poke around. CTRL+F is your friend).

You’ll notice that, at $500K worth of training per week, your rookie contract (which is a max of $2m/season) and weekly Twitter money run out fast. Not to worry--you have three more ways to earn some!


Media articles are a great way to earn some quick cash. They are mostly graded on word count, but spelling and grammar is taken into account to some degree. Let the grading team know in your article if you’re a non-native English speaker--we will cut you a little slack as you learn!

Your first article comes with a double payout, so make it as long as possible! It can be serious or silly as long as you tie it back to the site in some way (though that can be a VERY loose tie).

3000 words is a good goal, because there’s a decent bump in pay there (you can see the pay scale here). You can even do a multi-person article to bump your word-count up, and then split the bonus between everyone who participated!

Here’s a legendarily long team article: Fathers, Sons and Daughters: Kelowna's Dads Trip

But you don’t have to go that far unless you want to. Most people write a basic introductory mock presser introducing themselves and their player, and then open it to questions from the league to add some length. A couple of pressers done at key points in the season will give you enough money to last you through your updates.

Here’s a great first presser if you want an example: Introduction to Sebastian Strange

And here are some other creative articles written by league authors:

Stat-driven | Character-driven | League-related


Not big on writing, or want to do something different? Maybe graphics are for you!

Just like in articles, your first graphic will net you a double payout, so consider opening your sig to constructive criticism here before you officially submit it in the Weekly Submissions thread. You may submit up to four graphics per week to be graded and paid for.

You can find the resources subforum here--I personally very much recommend Maxy’s texture pack, but you can find texture packs and brush resources all over the internet.

Are you brand-new to graphics? Try sigtutorials.com’s basic walkthroughs for a step-by-step guide.

Once you get a little experience under your belt, there are some really helpful on-site and off-site tutorials. Here are some I personally used:


One | Two | Three | Four

ON-SITE TUTORIALS: found in the 'Tutorials' subforum under 'Resources'


Podcasting is your third option for earning cash. Since most people don't get into podcasting until they're more comfortable with and knowledgeable about the site, I won't go in-depth, but here is a link to the Podcast section of the site. You can be paid for up to an hour of podcasting for week--any time spent past 60 mins will not be graded, so it helps to plan your time and questions in advance.

Step 11: Sign up for SHL Fantasy!

Fantasy runs the length of the season and follows the senior league players. If you're worried that you don't know enough to participate, please don't sweat it--1) lots or people are willing to help you until you know what to look for in a good fantasy player and 2) you get uncapped TPE just for participation in addition to a cash bonus for doing well.

If you're not sure if you want to sign up or not, get your name in there before sign-ups closed--you can always back out later if you change your mind.

Here is the Fantasy subforum, which contains all you'll need to know!


And that's pretty much it!! Hopefully as you have followed the guide, you have learned how to navigate the forums to find what you need.

Let us know if you have anything you think we ought to include to improve.

Thanks for following along and GOOD LUCK in the SHL!! http://i5.ifrm.com/11514/47/emo/cheers.gif

{{Thanks to akamai for this}}


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