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The SHL is a hockey player sim league that has been running strong for over thirty seasons in its current iteration! Through the use of Simon T. Hockey Simulator and a unique progression system, the SHL promises to be just what you're looking for and more!
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The Simulation Hockey League's 41st Season is currently underway!

Congratulations to the Calgary Dragons for winning the Season 40 Challenge Cup, and the Kelowna Knights for winning the Season 40 Four Star Cup!

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 Posted: Dec 20 2015, 02:45 AM

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I. GM Rules

A. Conflict of Interest Rule
  1. Junior GMs may not transfer money from his/her own bank account to a player unless it is for a job, such a a graphics signature, of which the league was given prior notice. The maximum transfer for such a job is $1.0M.
  2. Limit of 1 (One) Co-GM per team
  3. A GM or Co-GM can not hold an SMJHL Head Office position nor an SHL GM/co-GM position.
B. GM Recreation Rule
  1. All re-creating General Managers (this includes Co-General Managers) must use their team's highest second (2nd) round pick in the proceeding SMJHL Draft on their own player.
  2. If both the General Manager and Co-General Manager are recreating, the team must give up their own first (1st) round pick and their own second (2nd) round pick, if they wish to continue to GM that team.
  3. If a GM or co-GM attempts to circumvent this rule by recreating after the draft, they will lose their GM status and a 2nd round pick will be forfeited in the next season's draft.
C. Player Discipline Rules
  1. If a drafted player is banned before the season begins, that player will be ineligible for the season.
  2. If a player is banned during the season, or is found to be a multi prior or during, that player may continue to play on the team for the remainder of the season, but can not be updated, and will be auto-retired at the end of the season
  3. Due to the potential varying circumstances between cases, additional penalties may be issued on a case by case basis.
D. Free Agent Rule
  1. You may not send offers to Free Agents until they are approved by one of the league Commissioners. If it is found that your team has done so, or you post that you have signed them before they are approved, your team will be ineligible to sign that player.
    a. An offer is denoted by either offering a role in the organization or a specific contract amount.
  2. The FA player may sign a contract as of Noon EST the day AFTER they are approved. This window is to give all GMs a chance to make an offer.
  3. SMJHL teams may sign newly created players as free agents up until the first simulation of the post-season begins.
E. Player Contracts
  1. Minimum SMJHL contract = $500K (Inactive players can be signed to minimum contract)
  2. Inactive Free Agents with >200 TPE are $1.0M minimum contract.
  3. Maximum SMJHL contract = $3.0M
  4. Budget/Salary Cap = $36.0M (Team Training Camp costs and Team Award Bonuses are applied to the Salary Cap, as well as the player contracts)
F. Player Bonuses
  1. Teams are prohibited from using any money outside the team budget, or from the bank of any GM or other member/player for Player Bonuses.
G. Roster Eligibility
  1. A minimum of 20 players (skaters plus goalies) and a maximum of 22 players on your roster
  2. Unlimited SHL Send downs (SHL GM's must confirm these players by posting their names in the Send Down Thread - See: Send Down Eligibility Rules Below).
  3. Unlimited Rookies (i.e. SMJHL Draftees and Rookie FA's who are eligible for the the next SHL draft)
  4. Unlimited 155-165 TPE IFAs (can be drafted or undrafted, max of 155 TPE)
  5. Maximum of 3 Inactive Free Agents (can be drafted or undrafted, from 166 to 200 TPE)
  6. Maximum of 2 IFAs with >200 TPE (and no greater than 350 TPE) *Note a team may only sign a >200TPE IFA if they hold the player's rights
H. Backup Goalie Rule
  1. Each team must start their backup goalie for a minimum of 6 games.
    Failure to do so will result in the following punishments:
    a. A fine of $2M per start missed assessed toward the next season’s budget.
    b.The team must start their backup goalie an additional number of games equal to twice the number of starts missed.
  2. You are of course allowed to play the "Backup" in more than the minimum amount of games.
  3. You may play your backup a maximum of 44 games per season, this is to prevent a loophole where you play your starter in the backup role and play him or her all 50.

    GMs that fail to meet the backup requirement for a second season in a row will be fired.
I. Replacing GM's Rule
  1. Every GM vacancy will be opened to applications and voted on by the SMJHL HO.
  2. GM's cannot appoint their own successor.
  3. GM's cannot hire a user as their Co-GM who has a player eligible to be drafted in the upcoming SMJHL Entry Draft.
J. Trades
  1. If a team trades a player away, the player cannot be traded back to that team for a full season. If the player is released, the team may not sign them for a full season.
  2. GMs' players can only be traded once they have reached the 350 TPE cap.
  3. Teams are allowed to trade cap space if that cap space is for the current season. If it is the offseason then you may trade cap space from the upcoming season.
II. Player Rules

A. SMJHL Eligibility
  1. All players begin their career in the SMJHL, and are eligible to play in the SMJHL for the first 5 seasons after creation. If a player creates anytime before the current season trade deadline, it still counts as their first full season (i.e. even if they don't play a full season, it is still considered a full season. Players created after the trade deadline do not count this as their first season.)
  2. The maximum applied TPE a player in the SMJHL can have is 350. If a player exceeds 350 TPE, they may bank the remaining balance to apply when they enter the SHL
  3. Players who sign up after the draft but before the trade deadline are allowed to sign as a Free Agent with an SMJHL team and will enter the following SHL Draft.
  4. Players who sign up after the trade deadline but before the playoffs are allowed to sign with an SMJHL team, but will be released when the playoffs conclude and enter the following SMJHL Draft.
  5. Players who sign up after the Playoffs begin are not allowed to sign with an SMJHL team and will enter the following SMJHL Draft.
  6. If a player is playing in the SMJHL and is retired and a new player created, the old player will not finish out the regular season and will be immediately retired. A member may not have two players in the same league at the same time.
B. Equipment
  1. SMJHL Rookies may purchase SMJHL Equipment which gives a permanent boost to TPE
C. Team Training Camp
  1. SMJHL Rookies (Players eligible for the next SHL Entry Draft) may complet TTC up until playoffs begin, after TTC is closed.
D. Send Down Status
  1. Players in the SMJHL may not have more than 350 TPE applied to their attributes
  2. A player who is signed by an SHL team may be sent down to the junior team which owns his/her rights, provided they have less than or equal to 350 applied TPE and are within 5 seasons from their creation (see: SMJHL Eligibility)
    a. If no Junior Team owns the players rights, the player will enter the “III. Releasing a player” Process.
  3. A player is only officially "sent down" if posted by the SHL GM or co-GM in the season send-down thread. If the paperwork isn't done properly, this player is not eligible to be on an SMJHL roster.
  4. A player who is sent down has his/her salary paid by the SHL team which owns his/her rights and does not count against the SMJHL team salary cap.
  5. A SMJHL player may bank TPE if it exceeds 350 TPE, but he/she may not apply it to his/her attributes, as long as he/she is on an SMJHL roster.
  6. A player may not redistribute previously-applied TPE to the bank to meet the 350 TPE cap
  7. A player may not be sent down after the SMJHL Trade Deadline has passed. They can be called back up to their SHL team at any time.
  8. SHL GMs will be required to give up to one sim advance notice of a call up via the thread as well as PM. If the teams agree the player can be called up earlier but a minimum one sim advance notice must be given. SMJHL GMs who double play their players due to a lack of corrections will face these penalties:
    a. First Offense: 5m Cap Reduction
    b. Second Offense: Unable to sign free agents for the rest of the season and a 10m cap reduction the season following
    c. Third Offense: Removed from GM position
Also note, as per SHL waiver rules:

-Players sent down to the minors after their first 3 seasons since being drafted into the SHL will be subject to waivers and can be claimed by any other SHL team.

E. Joining SMJHL post-Trade Deadline, before Playoffs
  1. If a member joins between the trade deadline and the playoffs, they may be signed as a free agent. After the playoffs, they will be released from their team and entered into the SMJHL draft.
  2. These players CANNOT do TTC, PTs, Championship Week, Play by plays, or purchase equipment. They MAY do weekly training and activity checks. (Please note that the first PT, as well as the new players survey is an exception to this rule)
  3. If a member joins after the playoffs start, they will have to wait to be entered into the upcoming draft and WILL NOT be signed by a team until they are drafted by said team. They may do weekly training and Activity Checks
F. Undrafted SMJHL Players
  1. If a player is undrafted in the SHL Entry Draft, they return to juniors as a SMJHL Free Agent. They can be signed by any team on a first come-first serve basis, unless they are >200 TPE and Inactive, in which case the team must own their rights (as per rule I.G.6.). If they are active, they may sign with the team of their choosing, and they will be eligible for the next SHL Draft
  2. They are NOT considered send-downs. This means they do NOT qualify for ANY SHL Point Tasks, Training, or anything that a Send-Down would normally be entitled to. They are also NOT SMJHL Rookies. They may do SMJHL weekly training and Activity Checks ONLY, and are not eligible to do SMJHL Point Tasks
  3. A SMJHL player must enter the SHL via draft. A player may not bypass the SMJHL and sign directly to an SHL team. A player may not declare themselves ineligible for either the SMJHL or SHL Draft (i.e. may not declare themselves Free Agents)
G. Recreate TPE
  1. Points earned by or awarded to the previous player before the new player was created or that are unavailable to other incoming players may not be used for the recreated player.

A. Releasing Rule
  1. You may release up to three players per season. *** Note - if a player is released prior to the regular season, the team will NOT face any salary cap penalties nor be required to retain any salary.
  2. If you release a player and they are picked up by another team, their salary is under the receiving team's budget.
  3. If you release an active player and they are not picked up by a team by the end of the season, their salary is under the releasing team's budget for that season, and the player will be removed for the following season.
  4. If the player being released is inactive (hasn't posted in for at least one month), and they are not picked up by another team by the end of the season, half the player's salary is under the releasing team's budget for that season.
  5. Released players can be signed at a first-come, first-served basis by any team.
IV. Playoffs

A. Playoff Rules & Format
  1. The top 6 teams from the regular season make the playoffs.
  2. The top 2 teams receive a first round bye week.
  3. First round #3 seed vs #6 seed and #4 seed vs #5 seed
  4. Second Round #1 versus lowest seeded remaining team, #2 versus highest seeded remaining team.
V. Entry Draft & Lottery

A. Entry Draft
1-4 Are the only teams with a shot at 1st OA
5-8 Are set picks based on playoffs results.
Teams can only drop 1 spot max. This guarantees the lowest pts team to pick 2nd OA at worst.
  1. Non-playoff team with the lowest pts in regular season has 45% to 1oa
  2. Non-playoff team with the highest pts in regular season has 30% to 1oa
  3. Round 1 loser with the lowest pts in regular season has 15% to 1oa
  4. Round 1 loser with the the highest pts in regular season has 10% to 1oa
  5. Round 2 loser with the lowest pts in regular season picks #5
  6. Round 2 loser with the highest pts in regular season picks #6
  7. The Four Star Cup loser picks #7.
  8. The Four Star Cup winner picks #8.
All Remaining Rounds:
- A traditional draft style will be conducted for all remaining rounds with regular season standings determining the remaining draft order.


SMJHL players are still subject to the rules by which all members and players are expected to abide, except those areas where SMJHL has differences from the SHL. In the event of a discretion which is not covered by the written rules, the SMJHL Commissioners reserve the right to make judgement.

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