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The Simulation Hockey League's 41st Season is currently underway!

Congratulations to the Calgary Dragons for winning the Season 40 Challenge Cup, and the Kelowna Knights for winning the Season 40 Four Star Cup!

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» S40 SMJHL Championship Week
 Posted: May 8 2018, 12:47 AM

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Task 1:
I chose to replace Detroit Falcons centreman Mikhel Haugen with Mattias Enqvist of the Colorado Mammoths. Enqvist had a solid playoff campaign as a rookie but on the Falcons his numbers would be even better. Getting top line minutes and allowing him to branch out from his checking role would see a huge improvement in his play. Haugen had a somewhat disappointing playoffs with the Falcons where he notched only four points with Detroit. Those were first line minutes and something Enqvist hadn't seen all season. Mattias was on the fourth line for Colorado and put up six points in only 11 playoff games for the Mammoths. I think if Enqvist saw the minutes Haugen saw, you could see him put up a point per game at least. With only a quarter of the minutes played per game though, it's easy to see why Enqvist could've been a difference maker for the Falcons and allowed them to avoid a sweep in the finals.

Task 2:
user posted image

Task 3:
I think with the draft coming up, it's big to stand out as a rookie that has the potential for big things. This playoffs I think I did that as six points in 11 games on the fourth line is a huge stepping stone. I didn't even get six points in the regular season so this is both a big jump and a huge improvement in my progression. Teams may see the clutch performer I am and pull the trigger on me in the draft. I'm just hoping they see the hockey pedigree and take a chance on a future all-star with the first round selection.

Task 4:
Detroit and Kelowna battled it out for the championship and the goalie matchup was one that ended up being pretty one sided. Kelowna's puck stopper Damien Blackfyre finished the series 4-0 in a sweep, but his overall stats were something just short of spectacular. Blackfyre had a pedestrian .893 save percentage but a solid 2.83 GAA that his team helped him achieve. Blackfyre won this battle in the end but I think Detroit was outplayed in almost all areas of the series so it's not too surprising. On the flip side, the Detroit Falcons had a very poor series but goaltender Sebastien Primeau was not the reason for their troubles. Primeau statistically had better stats in the playoffs than Blackfyre with a .900 save percentage and a 2.85 GAA combined through the playoffs. Maybe if the Falcons had put more pucks past Blackfyre they wouldn't have left their own goaltender out to dry the entire time. Not only that they would've probably won more than zero games in the series. One of the telling stats we see is that the Falcons only put nine goals past Blackfyre and that's a huge problem in a four game series. Contrary to that, the Knights put eighteen past Primeau.

Task 5:

When writing about a game in the finals why not go to the series clinching game that seemed to be the tightest of them all. A 3-2 victory for the cup winning team in Kelowna told the fans that they could win a game where they didn't blow out their opponent. The biggest turning point in this game was the drop of the puck for the third period. Kelowna came out and scored two goals that eventually did the Falcons in and would end up being the game tying and game winning goals. James Dekens really stepped up for the Knights and provided them with a moment they won't forget. Damien Blackfyre had a great game with a .917 save percentage and only allowing two shots past him. The comeback was real in this game and really showed a lot of character for the Kelowna Knights. One of the best games in the series!

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 Posted: May 8 2018, 10:55 AM

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Task 1: Pick a player from an eliminated team and slot them into an existing playoff lineup. Who do they replace, why, how do their playoff stats look?
Must include: 150 words.

Echoing others in this thread, I believe Alex Andani playing for Detroit would have helped keep them in the mix longer and perhaps not swept by Kelowna in the Finals. Detroit only iced two sets of forwards down the stretch and it's my belief that fatigue is what did them in. Kelowna had 3+ lines of forwards with the only double shifting occurring on the 4th line. Depth is what won Kelowna the 4Star in my eyes.

As for Andani, I believe he would have slotted in on either the 2nd or 3rd line which would have given one of Haugen or St. Raegan a much-needed break throughout the series. Allowing them to ice a third line with a capable center could have been the boost they needed to make Kelowna work for their championship. Andani was actually 2nd all year in FO% to Haugen, and having the two top FO takers in the league on the same team would give them a significant advantage in any situation. Haugen on the PP and Andani on the PK? Sounds like a pretty good set-up to me.

-185 words

Task 2: Create a game-day program cover for any playoff game.

to be completed

Task 3: With the SHL draft looming in the shadow of playoffs, tell us how you're going to distinguish yourself to SHL GMs during your cup run or the beginning of your offseason.
Must include: 100 words.

Andani is a defensive specialist, so he'll be continuing to improve in areas that will help him make the transition to the SHL level. Strength, Puck Handling, Endurance - all areas he wants to improve upon as he progresses towards the SMJHL cap. Andani is going to go to a team that wants a future FO specialist and an absolute nightmare to play against while attacking.

He's doing it already in the SMJHL - his faceoff numbers were second to only one other player (Mikkel Haugen), he was one of the most physical players with 6 fights (league leading), and had 10 blocks on the year (most among Whalers forwards). As he continues to improve and get ice time, these numbers can only go up (except for fights, hopefully).

-128 words

Task 4: Write 200 words or make a graphic highlighting any goalie matchup of the series.
Written must include 3 stats, either from playoffs or the regular season.
Graphic must include both goalie renders and both team logos.

to be completed

Task 5: Choose any game in the finals and write a short post game recap. Can be a summary of the goals scored, a turning point, an unsung hero profile, etc.
Must include: 150 words.

to be completed

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 Posted: May 8 2018, 12:12 PM


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Task 1

I would take a defenseman from the eliminated Vancouver Whalers and place him into the Militia's line-up for the playoffs with the end goal of being able to make a far more successful push past Detroit and into the second round of the playoffs. The name for name trade would be Vancouver's Ostap Maksimov into MTL's second defensive pairing and special teams in exchange for Karl Von Wittelsbach. Maksimov's efficacy as an offensive-minded defenseman was proven despite an otherwise abysmal season for Vancouver, with a stats line of 8-33-41, a positive +/- of 4, and absolutely no PIMs at all; comparatively, Wittelsbach was a late-season FA pick-up and played only one very unremarkable game with the Militia before heading into the playoffs with them. A more proven defenseman could've been exactly the boost Montreal needed to get by Detroit, especially since despite shooting, not enough of those opportunities were successfully converted into points; a better, more aggressive powerplay would've also been helpful as many of the first round games between MTL and DET turned penalty-happy, powerplay completion was a notable deficit to Montreal's stat board, especially during the playoffs.

Task 2

user posted image

Task 3

So the cup run itself wasn't exactly eye-catching, especially as it was so short-lived, but writing a story-perspective article of the frustrations, anxieties, and elation that players experience was something I wanted to get done in the days following the completion of the playoffs. I know that articles generate money, and that some SHL GM's take a look at player bank accounts when deciding whether or not they want to take certain people in the draft. I also think it's relatively useful because it keeps your name well in circulation which in a smaller draft can be quite useful. In addition to that article, I wrote one about the roster for the WJC team I was asked to GM, and I've been doing my best to remain diligent in my duties as SHL intern -- while I'm not the most vocal of the rookies on the site, I do believe in letting my work ethic speak for itself. Ultimately, I'm pleased with the interest it garnered my player, and I look forward to my upcoming seasons on the Riot.

Task 4

user posted image

Task 5

Game Four of the Four Star Cup for S40 of the SMJHL was probably the most interesting -- and subsequently the most heartbreaking -- for Detroit in what wound up being a four-game sweep in favor of Kelowna. The first period was mostly a full twenty minutes of the two-teams hugging out their differences to the tune of eight PIMs total between the two teams. Detroit was first on the board, however, when Ethan Driscoll -- with a little assistance from teammates Bob Bergen and Mikkel Haugen -- put one past Kelowna's Blackfyre that almost qualified as a buzzer-beater at 17:43. Detroit struggled for purchase and their insurance goal as the second period opened, the only two penalties of the period a holding for Kelowna and a hooking call on Detroit occurring well before any goals. However, Detroit managed it at 6:45 thanks to Big Papa Huligans (helped by rookie Flacko Lagerfield and Hypolact Asia). Kelowna wasn't willing to take it lying down however, and finally replied and got themselves on the board just over a minute later with a goal scored by James Dekens (Assists Max Poulin, Daddy Mack). As the third period unfolded, Kelowna snatched the equalizer at just about the half-way point thanks to a slapper from Mikhail Lokitonov (Jacob Dorty, Fenton Uriel). Detroit resisted the sweep with everything they had, keeping the match relatively clean until an aggressive stick binned Grayson St. Raegan for hooking -- off the powerplay, less than a minute till the end of game, Kelowna picked up their third goal as James Dekens, Romualds Locks, and Patty Brumm Jr. shat on the dreams of Falcons fans everywhere and solidified the Knights sweep of the Falcons for a solid Four Star Cup performance.

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